Summer Dreams

If you are like me you spend a lot of May dreaming up your summer plans, imagining new hobbies to try and places to visit.  What are you dreaming up for your summer?  Do you want to learn a new skill, express yourself creatively or make something with your hands?  Maybe you want to relax, unwind and connect with others who share similar interests.  Summer is a great time to do all these things, because the days are long and luxurious, full of sun and energy!

In May, the summer seems full of potential.  There seems to be an unlimited amount of time to do everything you want, but come September I often wonder where the time went.  If you are like me, you wonder how you didn’t try that new hobby or take that class.  The long summer days are over.  School is back in session, and games and events fill up the calendar.  Make your summer dreams a reality by planning your summer before it slips away.  

You have a lot of choices when it come to how to spend your time this summer, and we would be honored if you chose to spend some of your free time with us.  At Blue Sage we offer a variety of class times to work with your schedule.  Let us help you look back at this summer with a sense of accomplishment and some tangible proof of time well spent.  In a six week class you typically make between six and ten pieces of pottery if you are a beginner.

You might be wondering if you should take an art class at Blue Sage Pottery this summer. Lots of things make our pottery studio a little different from the rest.  
We have lot of experience teaching (over 35 years combined), which means we know how to best help you!  Secondly, we make all our own glazes from tested and safe recipes, and we “fire” your artwork to Cone 10.  Our glazes are tested and mixed to the proper consistency to get an awesome result every time!  The result is well-made high-fired stoneware with food safe glazes that you can use in your own kitchen or feel good about giving to family and friends.  Blue Sage Pottery is the only private pottery studio in the Texas Panhandle where you can have your pottery fired in a “high-fire” handmade brick kiln.  If you want your pottery to look professional, you will want to have a studio potter fire your work for you!

If you are wanting to get creative this summer and make some beautiful pottery in an historic building on Rt. 66, sign up for our classes now.  Classes begin June 10th. Spaces are limited, because we have many returning students.  Reserve your spot by signing up today.  Come September, you will be so glad you did!  

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One of the things we love about pottery is that once a creation is fired, the job is done. Every physical detail making that pot or mug or bowl special is captured in time, and the future is up to its owner. Next time around we can experiment with a different glaze or design, but the job—at least for the moment—is finished.

Most of life is different. Life is in flux, the clay is still on the wheel. No matter how well things are going, we can work hard and make them better. That’s true for art, for businesses, for families, for everyone. We continue to grow and encourage growth in those around us. The more we improve ourselves, the more our community improves along with us.

Blue Sage Pottery is doing great. That might seem a strange time to make changes, but we didn’t get where we are by standing still. Just as we continue to hone our craft, we’ll keep doing everything we can to keep Blue Sage the premier pottery studio in Amarillo, Texas. We’ve updated our logo and we’ve given our website a makeover. But the soul of Blue Sage hasn’t changed.



There was a time, not that long ago, that everything we used in our kitchens was made by hand. Every treasured pot and pan was one-of-a-kind. At Blue Sage, we’d like to get back to that mentality of building something that lasts, but keep the convenience we all love.

The quality of our pottery continues to be exceptional, with every piece unique, functional, and long-lasting.  We still make every piece by hand on the potter’s wheel or slab roller.  Our work looks great on display in your home or garden, but our pottery is useful in your daily life. Our clay and glazes are still dishwasher and kitchen safe.  Our pottery’s still as durable as it is beautiful, so you can brighten up meals and even your morning cup of coffee. All our pottery is dishwasher safe, so you’ll want to use it all the time!

We’ve expanded our partnerships with businesses who utilize our quality pottery for their own products. You can’t beat Blue Sage for consistency, and our large studio allows us to meet high demands. If you’re interested in using Blue Sage for your business, please contact us

Our selections of urns has grown. We believe everyone deserves to choose how they’ll honor someone, or how they’d like to be remembered. If you’re interested in our urns, you can visit our studio or browse our online gallery.



Artists have a long history of passing on their skills and secrets from masters to apprentices. That’s why we’re still offering the best pottery classes in Amarillo. Whether you’re wanting to learn a new skill, make someone an unforgettable gift, or just looking for a new way to relax, you can’t go wrong with our pottery classes. We were all beginners once, and artists of all skill levels are welcome. 

You can learn how to hand-build with clay or use the potter’s wheel. Each session lasts 7 weeks, with six weeks of classes. We take one week off for drying before glazing our creations. Those six weeks include two hours of instruction time and, for the wheel classes, two hours of open studio time per week. 

Our wheel classes meet Mondays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon. Tuition is $180 per session, which covers the use of clay, tools and equipment, and the glazing and firing of ten small to medium size pieces that you can take home.  


Our classes are in high demand, so space is limited. If you’re interested, you can learn more here. Remember, Blue Sage Pottery classes make a great gift!


We’re fortunate at Blue Sage to run a gallery alongside our working pottery studio. At our location on 6th Street in Amarillo, on historic Route 66, you can see our pottery (and us!) in person.  We’d love the opportunity to meet you and demonstrate what makes our work so special. We’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Mondays by appointment.

It’s an exciting time in Amarillo, Texas. The arts community is continuing to grow, and we’re doing our part to add our special flare to the thriving cultural scene. Not only is our gallery the place to showcase our pottery, it’s our opportunity to feature the work of local artists. Blue Sage is the perfect place to find something special for yourself or someone you love, and we always have something new.

We don’t know everything the future holds for Amarillo and for Blue Sage Pottery. But we’ll continue doing what we love and helping others do the same. Come visit us at our gallery, or browse our creations online. You’re sure to find something new and special.