An Enduring Memory

Your Blue Sage urn will be lovingly shaped by hand on a potter’s wheel. The slow, rhythmical revolutions help form soft, natural pots. Local materials, wood ashes, and a variety of clays for glazes give our pottery a superior quality that cannot be created by any other method. These natural ingredients reflect the beauty of their source, the earth and the trees.

Hard work and passion go into the creation of every urn, resulting in a tasteful work of art. Each urn is about 10 inches tall by 8 inches wide, and we offer a variety of unique colors. With the aid of experience and centuries of tradition, Blue Sage pottery is extremely durable. Your urn will prove a long-lasting and dignified memorial.


Every Blue Sage urn is as unique as a fingerprint, as rare as a life well lived. It would be an honor for you to choose one of our urns as a lasting memorial. You can browse our existing urns online or visit our Amarillo gallery. If you’d like a custom design, we’d love to help. Please contact us for details.